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Quick and Easy Succulent Pens

As a teacher, you go through a ridiculous amount of pens and pencils as the months go by. Yes, teachers need to do everything we can to make sure our students succeed, even if that means lending out our favorite writing utensils when students lose track of theirs. You think you’re being nice, and then poof! You’ll never see that pen again.

This year, I decided to take matters into my own hands by making fun little toppers for my favorite pens! Plus, the whole little setup doubles as desk decor.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cute pens
  • Pretty tape
  • One faux succulent for each pen
  • One julep tin the height of the pens
  • Scissors

First, cut the tubing off the stem of the faux succulents so you just have the wire and the flower. Next, wrap the wire around the top one-to-two inches of the pen. Then, use the pretty tape to hold the wire in place. Finally, arrange the pens in the julep tin and find the perfect spot on your desk to set it.

No more guessing if that pen that one student has is yours — now you’ll definitely know!