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DreamCloud Mattress Review

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…Okay, so it’s not actually from heaven, but it sure feels like it!

No joke, our new DreamCloud mattress was a Godsend; allow me to elaborate on the many reasons why.

My relationship with mattresses:

I grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, and a year after I graduated from college, I moved to the city with one of my close friends to be closer to work (and of course, nightlife). My first major “big girl” purchase was a pricey mattress because hey, I valued—and still do value—my sleep, especially since I was living that mid-twenties life in the city and leaving my apartment before the sun came up to try to beat rush-hour traffic, to no avail. It was a major upgrade to the mattress I had been sleeping on since childhood, and it treated me well. Seven years later, I’m still sleeping on that same mattress, and it’s been great, but it’s no longer as heavenly as it once was. In addition to that, my husband is a sensitive sleeper whose body heats up like a furnace and warms the entire bed, and any time he moves, I feel it and wake up.
As I write this, I am in my 23rd week of my first pregnancy. Until now, I feel like I’ve handled pregnancy like a champ, plus it doesn’t hurt that I’ve been super lucky (no morning sickness, no heartburn, no leg cramps). Despite trying to work out and keep everything else in shape, there is a baby developing in my belly, so it’s getting rounder by the day. While it’s fun to have an excuse to wear comfy clothing all summer, this extra weight in the front has started taking a toll on my lower back.
I’ve always been a back-sleeper (any “figure-four” sleepers out there? Holla!). At my latest ultrasound, my doctor told me I can no longer sleep on my back because of certain biological reasons I won’t get into here. With my current mattress, side-sleeping is only comfortable for so long before I wake up and shift my whole body toward the opposite direction while trying to maintain the pillow-between-my-legs support and trying not to wake-up Jason. It’s an art, people.
This is where the DreamCloud mattress comes in.
Now that I’ve been sleeping on this mattress for a week, I have already noticed a major difference in my life: I have MUCH more energy when I wake up, and it lasts throughout the day! It’s a sleep miracle. To think that there could be a mattress out there that no-kidding feels like an actual fluff-ball cloud that cartoon angels bounce on… It exists.

dreamcloud mattress

What I love about this mattress:

The DreamCloud mattress is made of eight fantastic layers to ensure a good night’s sleep. Now, unless you’re the princess who felt the pea and couldn’t sleep, you probably won’t be able to distinguish how each distinct layer works as you sleep on this cloud—err, mattress. What I can tell you I’ve noticed is that I no longer wake up hot because my husband’s heat is radiating toward me. The gel-infused memory foam (found in layer two, people), keeps us both cool by absorbing and pulling away our heat rather than storing it underneath us.
Underneath this layer of memory foam rest FOUR additional layers of various sorts of memory foam. I’m not a scientist, and I have no idea how they work, just that they definitely do work. How can I tell? Well, remember when I mentioned I’ve been having a hard time sleeping during this second trimester of my pregnancy? I’ve been sleeping through the night each night this week. After my previous five weeks of not having a solid night’s sleep, I didn’t think that was possible. The multiple layers of memory foam serve as a cradle that contour to my body’s curves, but the super premium natural latex layer (layer number four) provides just enough bounce and support to make sure I’m not sinking into a quicksand-like hole. All of this means side-sleeping is no longer a balancing act, nor is it an uncomfortable smushing-of-the-body-into-the-bed. Now, side-sleeping is for the first time in my life a comfortable option!
Before receiving my very own DreamCloud mattress, I read a lot of reviews, as any savvy shopper should. There were a TON of people commenting on the top layer—IT’S MADE OF CASHMERE! My initial thought was, Why would a mattress company put cashmere on the top layer when people are just going to cover it with a fitted sheet? I now understand. It seems crazy, but you can actually tell there’s a buttery-soft material there, even underneath the fitted sheet! This, my friends, is magical. It cannot be explained. You’d either have to come feel it for yourself or order one of these mattresses in order to understand.
My husband Jason likes it, too. In fact, “likes” is an understatement. He loves it. You know the saying, “Happy wife, happy life”? I’d like to introduce to you, “Hubbies who get a full night’s rest are the BEST!” Too cheesy? Deal with it.

DreamCloud Mattress, luxury mattress

How to purchase a DreamCloud mattress:

Have I convinced you by now that this purchase will actually enhance your life? If you’re interested in purchasing a DreamCloud mattress, visit their site and select the mattress size you’d like to order. As an added bonus to everything I’ve described above, DreamCloud is offering $200 off the purchase of any mattress as part of their Labor Day sale now through September 10, so snag one while you can!
Also, if you’ve made it this far and I still haven’t convinced you, I suggest you order a DreamCloud mattress for yourself and try it out, keeping in mind they offer a 365-night trial, as well as an Everlong Warranty™—the best warranty I’ve ever seen. Trust me: You will not regret this purchase.

DreamCloud Mattress

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