Nest Out West Clients

A Girly, Teen Loft Hangout

When my client asked me to decorate a room just for her daughters and their friends, I did a backflip on the inside! Usually, when decorating homes for clients, my goal is to keep both man and wife happy with the design by ensuring an overall look that is neither too feminine nor too masculine.… Continue reading A Girly, Teen Loft Hangout

Nest Out West Clients

Leyden Rock Project

Over the summer, I received a request for a room re-design quote from one very busy mom. The mission: camouflage the big-black-leather sofa! "My living room is the one room in my house that I'm just having a hard time with," Amy Maloney told me in an email. "We just bought a massive sectional (because… Continue reading Leyden Rock Project

DIY crafts and projects

Quick and Easy Succulent Pens

As a teacher, you go through a ridiculous amount of pens and pencils as the months go by. Yes, teachers need to do everything we can to make sure our students succeed, even if that means lending out our favorite writing utensils when students lose track of theirs. You think you're being nice, and then… Continue reading Quick and Easy Succulent Pens