Want a refresh, but don’t know where to start?

Full-Room e-Design Package

If you’re a hands-on homeowner who is willing to tackle some DIY projects to improve the overall look and feel of your home (or pay a contractor to do them), and a little project doesn’t scare you—rather, it excites you—then e-design is right up your alley!

Our e-design package is pretty cut-and-dry. We charge one flat fee per room, and in return, you receive three detailed style boards containing information about the selected items and decor pieces, as well as four weeks of post-design support, a shared Pinterest board with Nest Out West, and an aerial view floor plan. You will be able to entertain in your new, chic and stylish space within three-to-four weeks, as that is our design completion goal for e-design projects.

Cost: $300 per room

Nuts and Bolts Package

Basically, if you have a general idea for what direction you want your room’s design scheme to head, but are unsure about a few things (say you don’t know how high to hang wall art, or a chandelier… or maybe you’re struggling to pick paint colors or to accessorize your open shelving), Nest Out West will happily give à la carte advice in these areas.

Cost: $35 per hour/inquiry (whichever is less)*

*Minutes less than one hour will be rounded up to the nearest hour. For example, if you have a question about how high to hang a chandelier, we might have a few questions about your space and the chandelier itself. Perhaps this only takes 25 minutes to sort out. We’d charge for one inquiry. On the other hand, if you send three inquiries that we can easily answer in an hour or less, we’d charge for one hour instead of for the three inquiries. Either way, the cost would be $35. Finally, if you have multiple inquiries, and it takes us, say, one hour and fifteen minutes to satisfy these, you would be billed for two hours.

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