Want a refresh, but don’t know where to start?

Full-Room e-Styling Package

Are you a hands-on homeowner who is willing and excited to tackle some DIY projects to improve the overall look and feel of your home (or pay a contractor to do them)? Do you have a space that needs some styling attention, only you have no idea where to start? Do you love online shopping and have no problem assembling furniture in exchange for saving money? If so, then e-styling is right up your alley!
Our e-styling package is pretty cut-and-dry. We charge one flat fee per room, and in return, you receive a detailed style board containing information about the selected items and decor pieces, as well as four weeks of unlimited post-design support, a shared Pinterest board with Nest Out West, and either an aerial view floor plan with measurements or a 3D rendering of your space (your choice). You complete your project on your own time, as your budget allows. Soon enough, you will be able to entertain in your new, chic and stylish space and show off your gorgeous home to all your friends.

What separates Nest Out West’s e-styling package from national e-design companies such as Havenly, Decorist, and Modsy?

First of all, when you work with me, you’re getting a home stylist who limits her number of clients per month. This allows me to dedicate more time and attention to your home’s unique needs, to communicate with you more often, and to make sure the project isn’t just visually appealing, but that it will also fit proportionately to your space.
Second, while I charge around the same cost per space as those other companies for a full e-styling package, they are required to recommend products from a certain set of vendors, whereas I have the freedom to source products for your home from any vendor. This allows me to shop for the right pieces at the right costs for your home, regardless of what stores they come from. Decorators who work for those other companies also get commission if you purchase the pieces they recommend, therefore encouraging you to spend more so they get more back from your purchase. The products I recommend for you are completely independent of what I am paid for my time spent on your project. My end goal is for you to love your home’s vibe and aesthetic. It also doesn’t hurt if I’m able to capture gorgeous photos of your home so I can utilize those in my social media and marketing efforts to show what a great team we made! My goal is not to make money off of the items you buy.

Cost: Starts at $475 per room

Nuts and Bolts Package

Basically, if you have a general idea for what direction you want your room’s decorating scheme to head, but are unsure about a few things (say you don’t know how high to hang wall art, or a chandelier… or maybe you’re struggling to pick paint colors or to accessorize your open shelving), Nest Out West will happily give à la carte advice in these areas. If you have one question that I can answer for you (given a little information about your style, your home, and your vision), I’d bill for one inquiry. If you’d like me to do a little more than answer a question (i.e. more than, “What is a good paint color scheme I can use in my home?” or something similar), but you do not need me to deliver the full e-design experience, I’d bill per hour.

Cost: $80 per hour* or $50 per inquiry

*Minutes less than one hour will be rounded up to the nearest hour.

Earthy Mid-Mod Living Room

Office_ Desk Wall

Earthy, High-Contrast Living Room