Interior Styling

We are a husband-and-wife team that specializes in interior decorating and home styling to fit your needs and personal taste. We will work with you to determine what you want the end result to look like, and will make sure your home feels unique to you when all is said and done.

Our Process

First, we visit your space, take measurements, and snap some photos. Through conversations with you, and by browsing your Pinterest boards, we will come up with a spreadsheet that details which items we recommend you purchase and how much they cost. We will also build a private idea board on Pinterest that is specific to your home, where you can leave feedback about the style direction your project is moving in. Finally, we will provide a room layout with measurements that guide where to place your furniture and accessories.

Next, you will select which package from the options below best suits your budget and your home decorating needs.

LEVEL 1: $300 per room

This is our most basic level package. It includes a one-hour face-to-face meeting at the client’s home, during which we will discuss budget and vision, and take measurements and photos of your space. We will also build a private idea board on Pinterest that is specific to your home, where you can leave feedback about the style direction your project is moving in. Then, we’ll provide a spreadsheet detailing which furniture items and accessories we recommend for that space, as well as paint color recommendations and a room layout with measurements provided. All recommended items could, in essence, be purchased online, and at this price point, you agree to find contractors to tackle tasks you’d rather not do yourself, such as painting, drywall, millwork, etc. The design window at this level is two-to-six weeks.

You are welcome to text, call, or email during the design window, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. Many people ask how high to hang art, how to arrange pillows, which end tables, or lamps, or picture frames to purchase, etc.

Once your room is complete, we will do a wrap-up home visit where we make sure the room is arranged correctly. We might also snap some pictures to show off what a good team we made during the process ;)

This is the most hands-off package between the you and Nest Out West, so if you feel you are someone who needs a little more stylist intervention, consider one of the more interactive packages that follow.


LEVEL 2: $300 per room + $35 per hour

Everything in Level 1, and then some…

This is great if you feel like you can put together the space based on what’s provided in the Level 1 design package, but perhaps you have a soft spot for antiques and thrifted items, so you don’t want furniture that can be purchased online and would rather have us find those items in person. Or, maybe you’re not sure how to accessorize and you want us to do the shopping for you.

This level is also great if you’re someone who would like us to swing by your house every now and then to make sure everything is going according to plan, or if you feel like your taste changes with the trends and you want us to improvise rather than stick with the original design plan. You agree that contract work for projects you’d rather not do yourself is separate from what we provide, but we can happily provide contactors we trust for you to hire.

Hours are billed by shopping time and driving time, as well as time spent emailing and texting with the client during the process. Invoices that reflect the number of hours spent on your interior styling project will be sent at the end of each month. This type of project has a longer design window, which we would discuss at out initial consult.


LEVEL 3: $1150

If you have more than two rooms you’d like styled, or if the styling requires that Nest Out West works with contractors (i.e. you’d like tile work, new flooring, paint, drywall, etc., done), this is the package we recommend. This package covers three rooms, plus up to 15 additional hours at a discounted rate of $25 per hour. Nest Out West will do everything outlined in the above packages, in addition to spending time at your home and making sure projects are going according to plan. We will agree on a project start and end time to ensure your home refresh and interior styling goals are met by the date you need them to be.


Live outside of the Denver area? Check out our e-design packages!

Organic Modern Farmhouse Living Room Nest Out West


We accept checks, cash, or transfer via Venmo or PayPal. Nest Out West will invoice you at the time of booking and ask for a 50% deposit, then for the remaining 50% and any added costs to be paid upon completion.