Who We Are

Nest Out West is an interior styling and photography company based in Denver, Colorado. My husband Jason and I started this company because we wanted to help others who find themselves in the same predicament we found ourselves in back in September 2016, when we closed on our first home. The house was a builder-grade box with no color, texture, or warmth. It didn’t feel lived-in, nor did it feel loved for that matter. That needed to change.
When we moved into this house, we hated how much it lacked “character.” We have been slowly decorating and renovating this builder-grade, new-construction home since the day we moved in because we were not okay with simply throwing our furniture in and calling it “home.” Nest Out West, modern farmhouse, bohemian, design, decor, home styling, interior design
Here is where the idea for a business came into the picture: Colorado is seeing a boom in new-construction homes, with neighborhoods popping up all over the place, it seems. Since we’ve begun this process, friends, family, and community members who have seen our home have asked us to help them turn their blank white boxes of homes into family dwellings that are not only functional, but also stylish, warm, and full of character.
Nest Out West specializes in decor trends ranging from Modern Farmhouse, to Mid Century, Bohemian, Rustic, and even Scandinavian design. We offer in-home design consultations for clients within 30 miles of Denver Proper, and e-design for anyone who lives further out. If you’re trying to move out of your home, we can help with that, too! We’d be happy to assist in staging your spaces, then professionally photographing them for maximum resale value (yes, we are both photographers).

Check out our process and cost breakdowns, and reach out if you’d like a leg up in helping to transform your new house into a home!
With warm appreciation,
Cait Pappas