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The Only Father’s Day 2019 Gift Idea You’ll Need

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and what better material to gift Dad (Daddy, DaDa, Papa, etc.) than WOOD?! My dad and my husband are so similar in that they are drawn to woodworking, the smell of wood, wood decor, etc. Basically, I’ve learned that you can’t go wrong gifting something made of wood to a guy (at least my guys).

I recently learned about a brand called Etched Atlas, which makes beautiful and intricate wood-carved maps and puzzles starting at only $49. They can also make custom maps and puzzles starting at $169, using the exact location of your choice! Each design layers pieces of carefully selected ½” thick Baltic Birch wood, and each one smells amazing when you take it out of the box, too! What I love about the custom option is you can send a specific point on a map to the Etched Atlas team, one that’s packed full of meaning for some reason or another, and they can engrave it on wood so you can be reminded of that moment for as long as you have your map on display. Pretty special if you ask me!

You can choose to have your Etched Atlas framed, or you can keep it bare like ours. There are multiple framing options on their site for you to explore, and some of them are currently on sale!

For my husband Jason, I decided to order a map of Boulder, Colorado, as that’s where he earned his engineering degree (and also where some of his favorite memories were made). I gave it to him early because I knew he’d read this post, and the surprise would’ve been spoiled haha. Anyways, he loves it!!

“This is so detailed!” and “Wow, it smells great!” were some of Jason’s initial reactions, followed by, “That’s awesome you picked Boulder,” and, “I love that it’s wood, rustic, and modern all at the same time. And I just love maps, so great job.”


It also doesn’t hurt to know that your support of Etched Atlas is helping grow a small business, owned and operated by husband and wife team Matthew and Julie Pacheco, with their dog Arthur serving as the Chief Morale Officer. Place your order by June 9 (this Sunday) for standard shipping and by June 10 for expedited shipping. Of course, if you’re planning to create a map using a custom location, the earlier the better.

We love our Etched Atlas wood map, and I’m confident the special guy in your life will, too!

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