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Make the Right Impact in Your Home with Custom Frames

I’ve been decorating with custom frames from Art to Frames for the past two years since I learned about this company. They have such a vast selection of frames, mats, custom picture frame sizes, and more, that I know I’ll always be able to find exactly what I need for my home (or for a client’s home that I’m decorating). I’d love to share with you some advice for how to achieve the look you’re going for when dressing your home’s walls in custom frames!

I should share this brief disclaimer with you that I offered to write this post in exchange for some free frames for a client’s home, but that doesn’t at all change or take away from my opinions regarding my love for Art to Frames :) I’m not making any money from your purchases or link clicks; I just genuinely enjoy the products this brand offers.

Identify Your Style

This might seem totally obvious and should go without saying, but your home should represent your own personal style. It might incorporate some of the latest trends, yes, but that doesn’t mean you should be scouring images of what others are posting to social media and trying to completely replicate those spaces in your home. Instead, I recommend creating a Pinterest board for each area in your home that you’re thinking of redecorating. Scan through images until you find some that speak to you, that make you feel like you want to jump in and call that space your home. Once you have a collection of images for each space, see if you can identify certain trends. For example, are you drawn to warm tones or cool tones? Minimal spaces or spaces full of texture? Since we’re talking about frames in this post, I ask you: Are you more drawn to photo art, classic paintings, or modern prints, etc.? Did you pin spaces with an assortment of decor on shelves, one or two framed pieces hung on the wall, or entire walls covered in art? Your ability to identify these trends will be the key to ensuring your home is a reflection of YOU and not of someone else.
Here’s a screenshot from my own Pinterest boards! I’m drawn to asymmetric gallery walls with black, white, and gold or natural frames.

Selecting the Right Frames

Art to Frames carries hundreds of frames, and in a variety of styles and sizes! From 4″ x 6″ to 30″ x 50″ and everything in between, you can find modern, rustic, and traditional frames, contemporary acrylic frames, diploma frames, shadowbox frames, canvas frames… just about any sort of frame you need! Here are a few of my go-to tips for choosing frames for your home:

First, review your collages of saved images…

When you reviewed all of the pins you saved on Pinterest, did you identify any trends? If you’re into warm tones, for example, I’d recommend using Art to Frames’ advanced search tool along the left-hand side of the screen on their site, and you should select all of the wood tones and gold and champagne tones. If you’re into a more modern look, continue scrolling down and be sure to check the box for a narrow frame width. For gallery walls, mix and match two to three frame styles, but be sure they share a common characteristic such as having the same wood or color tone. In order to look like you know what you’re doing, always make sure your art is scaled appropriately to the space where you’re hanging it. To do this, you’ll want your entire arrangement (whether that’s one frame or 15 frames) to take up 2/3 the width of your wall, and you should have the center of the entire arrangement land around 57″ above the floor.

If you’re drawn to modern decor:

Modernism is defined by its crisp, clean lines and its simple color palette. Look for frames with slim front-facing edges and that don’t have a lot of textural detail. Mix up your look by weaving a bold color (I’m partial to green!) into an assortment of white frames, or you can go with a more classic modern look by choosing a thin frame with a walnut stain.
I chose a smooth black frame for a piece I bought from Scout and Nimble’s Wanderlust Collection.

If you favor a more rustic or warm modern farmhouse vibe:

There’s a big difference between rustic style and modern farmhouse style, and I feel many people confuse the two. While both styles stem from the aesthetic of a rural landscape and lifestyle, “rustic” design has a little bit of a rougher and darker look to it (think natural wood tones, raw or exposed edges, and rough sawn finishing). On the other hand, “modern farmhouse” aims to combine the clean lines and simple color palette of modernism with the practical, sturdy, and natural materials found in rustic design. With that said, you can bring in rustic or modern farmhouse touches in a tasteful way by keeping your frame style consistent, and in a way that complements your other decor. One of my favorite rustic frames is this real reclaimed brown barnwood frame. For a slimmer look, yet still rustic, I also love the honey oak picture frame. For a more modern farmhouse look, I’m digging the industrial iron with compo frame (I have three of these in my home!) or a wrapped canvas (you can upload your own photos or downloaded art files from Etsy) in a black or white floating frame.
Art to Frames Industrial Iron with Compo Frame. Tree ring art compliments of Erik Linton, Linton Art.

If you love a touch of antique glam:

I am all about the refined look a glam accessory adds to an otherwise modern, rustic, or even traditional space. I used this gold foil on pine frame in a mid century modern bedroom design, and it brought in such an unexpected (yet welcomed) feeling of maturity. Any time you add a metallic touch to an otherwise sterile space, it brings in such great warmth and dimension! Another frame I’d love to use in my home once I decide on the right space for it is this bright silver with compo frame—I love those layers!

If you’re into sleek or Scandi minimalism:

Scandinavian design and minimalist design have their fair share of differences, but one obvious similarity they share is their lack of color (outside of natural tones). They also tend to display art in a clean and orderly fashion, so if you’re redecorating in one of these aesthetics, I’d search Art to Frames’ selection of solid white or solid black frames. One I recently used on a client’s interior decorating project was this black stain on maple picture frame with a 1.25″ rabbit (which means it’s a deeper frame that stands out from the wall more than other, thinner frames). Another that I’ve seen becoming more and more popular among designers is this minimalist wall mounted acrylic floating frame. I love the ones with a gold or black standoff, but if your interior has cooler finishes such as silver or chrome, go with that instead. If you were to order frames to decorate in the Scandi or minimalist aesthetic, I’d recommend installing your art in a symmetrical arrangement. This look is great for narrow stairways, as it adds some decorative detail without busying the space!
Whatever your decorating style is, Art to Frames has everything you need in order to fill your walls with the look that best suits you—without breaking the bank!

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