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A Girly, Teen Loft Hangout

When my client asked me to decorate a room just for her daughters and their friends, I did a backflip on the inside! Usually, when decorating homes for clients, my goal is to keep both man and wife happy with the design by ensuring an overall look that is neither too feminine nor too masculine. With this space, though, I had the freedom to go as girly as I wanted. I even asked my client’s daughters before I started putting ideas together if there was any such thing as too much pink, and they both laughed and said no; they really love pink. Weeh!
To begin, my client had purchased a large, squishy sofa and matching ottoman that filled the majority of the space. Understandable! How else do you host the best slumber parties on the block? The carpet also needed to stay, as it was brand new, soft, and fluffy, and there was no need to add in the cost of a harder floor surface for the sake of a cute rug. We could add cuteness in other ways :)
I’ll get to the juicy stuff in a moment, but first, I’d love to share a couple photos I took before beginning this project. I should also tell you that none of these items were sponsored, and that while this post does contain links to products, none of them are associated with a commission. I just truly love this look and want to share with you how you can achieve it.


Now, I’ll show you the concept/style-board I created for this space! Note: Typically, when an interior decorator creates a style board, the main purpose is to show how all the decor, textures, and colors will look together. It does not intend to express an exact layout.

Style Board:

Ah, you might have noticed the numbered items! These corresponded with links in a separate purchasing guide the client received. For the purpose of this post, though, I’ll share the items pictured in each of the “after” photos below!


Target Opalhouse Floor Pillow | Houzz Floor Lamp | Houzz Faux Mongolian Decorative Throw Blanket (inside end table) | World Market Blush Faux Fur Lumbar Pillow | World Market Gold Wire Feather Wall Decor | American Furniture Warehouse TV Console | Wire Window Wall Decor (client already owned for years)

Hayneedle Bookcase | Society6 Wall Art | Pepper the Dog (not for purchase, but super cute and friendly!)

Design Innovations Reclaimed Wood Shiplap Wall from Lowes (tall, dark, and handsome husband not included)

Were there any items in the style guide that you didn’t see in the space? You can find them here:

Items #2 and #3: West Elm Gallery Frames
Item #5: “XO XO” Painting Print on Wrapped Canvas, Houzz
Item #8: 5.5″ Decorative Ladder, AllModern
Item #10: Small Pink Textured Acrylic Tumblers, Set of 4 by World Market
Item #12: Decorative Throw Pillow Covers For Couch, Sofa, or Bed Set Of 4 18 x 18″, Amazon
Item #14: 16″ x 16″ XO Heart Pillow – Etsy, SevenOneSixDesigns
Item #15: Lagoon Rectangular Lacquer Tray, at World Market
Item #16: Large Pink Textured Acrylic Tumblers, Set of 4 by World Market
Item #17: Kate Spade Larabee Dot Cream Collection Stoneware Soup/Cereal Bowl
And that’s all, folks! Happy shopping!

Here’s a quick side-by-side before and after for ya :)


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